Selling Outdoor Living Spaces: Building a Predictable Sales Process with Jeff Wraley

On this episode of the Hardscape Growth podcast, ⁠Jeff Wraley⁠, CEO and Founder of ⁠Groundwork⁠, shares his expertise on building a well-defined process to sell outdoor living spaces.

Jeff walks us through the keys to building a sales process that is measurable, refinable, and most importantly, predictable. He highlights the importance of customer-centricity and how building the best possible process for prospects to navigate can make all the difference in closing deals.

Additionally, Jeff sheds light on some of the common mistakes that can kill your sales and how to avoid them. Whether you’ve been doing this for decades or just starting in the outdoor living space industry, this episode provides actionable insights to help you improve your sales process and drive growth. Tune in to learn from Jeff Wraley and take your sales game to the next level.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • A sales process, or playbook, makes revenue growth simple and predictable.
  • Old school tactics don’t fit with today’s customers and are killing your sales.
  • You’re not the hero, the customer is.

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