2023 Virtual Showcase

2023 On-Demand

2023 On-Demand

How to win in any economy :

It’s no secret that the economy has shifted significantly in recent months. This will have an impact on the market for hardscapes and outdoor living spaces, but doesn’t have to negatively impact your business. This year’s Hardscaper Showcase is focused on what the industry’s best are doing to win in any economy. Check out this on-demand content to learn 5 core principles that will help improve your day-to-day decisions and see practical examples of how to apply them through 3 educational workshops:
  1. Mechanizing the job site: Empowering teams to achieve more 
  2. Segmental Retaining Wall Construction: Everything you need to know 
  3. Hardscape Design Principles: Keys to add value to your projects and stand out 
The economy and market have changed, but that doesn’t mean we need to brace ourselves for bad times ahead. We need to adapt. Our goal with this presentation is to arm you with the tips, tricks, best practices and valuable insights that will help you make the most of the season ahead. After meeting dozens of industry professionals in search of what the keys to success in a changing economy look like, we discovered the Hardscaper High Five.
  1. Take care of your people
  2. Know your numbers
  3. Build a strong brand
  4. Focus on providing value
  5. Keep Learning
You can follow along by downloading the 2023 Techo-Bloc Catalog, Techo-Spec and Field Guide. Be sure to check out the courses offered on this site in English, Spanish and French. They’ll help you develop skills linked to the keys mentioned above.

A recent survey of landscape business owners conducted by Lawn & Landscape Magazine revealed that 81% of respondents felt that the labor shortage was hindering their growth. What are the remaining 19% doing to not be faced with the same challenges?

One of the main things they do is mechanize steps of hardscape construction to help their people achieve more and have more fun while doing it!  

On this project, we’ll work with the experts from Pave Tool Innovators and Bahler Brothers to integrate mechanical equipment and tools to lay a residential driveway with decorative inlays and 4 different Techo-Bloc paver styles without ever touching a single piece of concrete with our bare hands.

The number 1 mistake made in retaining wall construction is insufficient excavation, so we headed to the CAT Training Center, in North Carolina, to learn more about the correct excavation practices to ensure a quality build.  

We then headed to a segmental retaining wall project in South Carolina to put our newfound learnings into action. Check out how a 300 square foot G-Force retaining wall project turned into an entire backyard makeover. We also got to work with some awesome compaction equipment from Bartell Global and the all-new iQ Power Tools iQ1550 dustless table saw. 

From site layout and excavation, through base construction and drainage, all the way to geogrid and coping installation, this live build covers every single step of segmental retaining wall construction.  

In an increasingly competitive market, one of the best ways to differentiate your company is by elevating your design game. In this workshop, we meet with 2 Techo-Pros who have built a stellar reputation with their stand-out designs. While on site, we ask them what design principles they apply to every project and take a look at what those concepts look like in real life.    

We also take a look at some innovative ways to use in-lite outdoor lighting, Garden-Mark artificial grass and some of the finishing touches available from Flexlock by Alliance