How to get better at hiring the right people for your company.

Quadrupling your crews is something that most of us only dream about.

It all started with a pivot from traditional maintenance installation to paver restoration.

They made a checklist with all the services they offered.

Year by year, they eliminated the least profitable until only these were left:

> The most profitable
> The easiest to manage
> The easiest to train
> The least equipment, overhead, deliveries, etc.
> The most fun

“Hey, why don’t we just try making it really simple?”


That is the business plan of ET Leger, Founder and Business Owner of Paysagiste Leger Landscapes, now one of the largest hardscape restoration businesses in Canada.

He said he’s in the people industry — and he also does landscaping.

ET is the unofficial “Chief Culture Engineer.” 

His social strategy is to promote company culture, core values, and hiring and retaining employees.

Finding employees. Not customers.

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