How to Build a Company That People WANT to Join

As the leader, you have to dream big enough.

Your employees have big dreams, too, but…

They all have to fit inside yours.

According to Matt Hiner, Owner at Hiner Outdoor Living, this is where core values come into play.

They’re core for a reason, right?

They help him evaluate the direction and vision of the company.

He’s constantly thinking big.

Matt is building one of the biggest design/build firms that will bring luxury backyards to everyone.

🌱 A place where you can disconnect from phones and reconnect with Mother Nature.

🌱 An escape from computers right in your backyard.

If Matt brings someone on the team with bigger dreams than his own, they’ll probably bounce.

As hard as it is to find talent these days, aligning on the core values is essential for attracting and retaining employees.

What else are core values good for?

Find out by hearing our whole conversation with Matt at the link in the comments below. 👇

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In this episode, Matt also mentions the idea of a “Destination Company.” That concept is based on Jeffrey Scott’s book of the same name. 

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