How to Win with Design

A great hardscape design must always accomplish 3 things:

It needs to be functional, creative, and complement the rest of the property beautifully.

And great design professionals have systems to ensure every design nails all 3 components.

In a recent Hardscape Growth, I had a chance to speak to Zach Kitzmiller, the founder of Kitzmiller Design Solutions. Based in Ohio, the firm supports design/build professionals across the United States and Canada. 

His goal? To help design/build professionals win with functional, creative designs that match the property seamlessly.

To achieve this in a repeatable fashion, he has a simple 3-step process:

  • Set design objectives

Using details about the property and space, Zach first comes up with a layout that hits all 3 of the vital components. 

  • Apply common sense

Once the basics are down, Zach makes sure that nothing in the design is going to impede the functioning of the space — and that everything lends itself to sound building principles that are easy to execute.

  • Use designer discretion

Once he’s certain that the fundamentals are solid, Zach figures out what elements he can add to the design to make it pop, ensuring the space is a unique, functioning work of art any customer would be proud to come home to.

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