Hardscaping in a Changing Economy: Preparing for Recession Part 2

In part 2 of this podcast episode, Adrian, Brad and Glenn discuss the importance of being agile to change in the hardscaping industry. They delve into the world of marketing, emphasizing the significance of branding and lead generation.

The guests stress the importance of knowing your numbers in order to stay competitive and profitable. Sales is also a major topic of discussion, with the guests reflecting on the challenges of closing sales during a potential recession and offering tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Alex wraps up the episode by reminding listeners of the things that can and cannot be controlled when running a business. This episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for hardscapers looking to thrive in a changing economy.

They discuss, branding vs lead generation, getting in front of the ideal clients by looking professional, knowing your numbers and the things you can and cannot control when running a business.

In 1993, ⁠Adrian⁠ started on the maintenance crew at ⁠Cedar Springs⁠ before occupying design and sales roles. Today, he is the owner and President of one of the most well-known and respected landscape companies in Ontario.

⁠Brad⁠ started at ⁠New Castle⁠ in 2006 as a hardscape foreman and became an owner in 2014. He is also a Certified Behavioral Analysis Consultant, Small Business Coach and recently-certified Financial Coach.

For over 43 years, ⁠Glenn⁠ has been running ⁠Plantenance Landscape group⁠ with his partner. Their business has become one of the leading companies in the highly competitive Montreal market. Glenn played a key role in developing the latest Canadian Landscape Standards with CNLA/CSLA, and regularly contributes articles to various industry publications.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Being agile to change is crucial for hardscapers to succeed in a changing economy.
  • Knowing your numbers is key to staying competitive and profitable in the industry.
  • Effective branding and lead generation are important for marketing in the hardscaping industry.
  • Closing sales during a potential recession can be challenging but there are tips to overcome this challenge.
  • Business owners need to understand what they can and cannot control when running a business.

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