Growing With Core Values

Having good core values means company growth.

A lot of times companies may think it is nice, helpful, or convenient to have a good company culture. That’s good and all, but do you trust your core values to help actually build the business? Brad Stephenson, Co-Owner, and Phil Neri, Designer, at New Castle Lawn & Landscape both began in entry-level positions and have worked their way up to their current roles.

Their story isn’t all sunshine and roses, however. In 2018, with the H2B restrictions in place, they lost 25 employees and had to scramble to get things back on track. That year, they lost $350,000.

Join us as we discuss:

  •  Core values
  •  Must-reads for company success
  •  Getting the right people in the right seats

Check out the full episode for a firsthand look at a company that grew from $400K to $10M.

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