Costs Change, So Should Your Estimates

And the costs, they are a-changin’.

How in the world are you supposed to give reliable bids to customers when the costs of materials are always changing? Do the math and be a good friend. That’s the advice Kevin Moore, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Carroll Landscaping and CLI Home Services Inc., gives. Being competitive doesn’t mean underselling the value of your products or services. It means finding creative ways to be transparent and honest without compromising the livelihood of your business.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The difference between a bid and an estimate
  • How to (and why it’s important to) make friends with your clients 
  • Selling from a point of strength

To hear more of Kevin and Alex talking about running a successful business, check out their earlier conversation Project Management: Staying Ahead of Material Shortages. Check out the Techo-Bloc Estimation Tool.

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