Tilt Rotators, Excavators and Grade Control Software Will Change Your Business

It’s easy to do things the way you’ve always done them. But that’s not always a recipe for growth. Especially when you’re not taking into account the newest, most effective (and most comfortable!) equipment. And let’s not forget about using state of the art software like Trimble Earthworks, designed to make sure the job only gets done as many times as is necessary: once.

Listen in as Jeremy Swihart, Owner at J Squared Outdoor Living and Lighting shares his best tips for not only cutting labor costs, but growing his business at the same time.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Using equipment to lower labor costs
  • Hiring the right employees to grow your business
  • Using tilt rotators to maximize equipment’s output
  • Using Grade Control software to reduce labor on site
  • Building and making equipment to be more efficient
  • Having a good relationship with your equipment dealer to reduce downtime
  • Using project management software to communicate project information with employees

Check out the full episode for Jeremy’s first-hand experience using these pieces of equipment and software to learn about how they’ve transformed his business.

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