Project Management: Staying Ahead of Material Shortages w/ Kevin Moore

Project managers today are getting hit from all sides

Massive material shortages have left hardscapers and other industry pros in a vice-like grip and consumers are more demanding than ever.  

This 🔥 episode of #HardscapeGrowth has some nuggets of wisdom that’ll help you make the best of this bad situation.  

We ended the conversation talking about his approach to hiring, training and retaining people. He’s not afraid to get Kevin Moore is the VP and COO of Carroll Landscaping, and the executive producer of #OutdoorLivingWithThePros. 

He believes leaders in all positions exist to serve their teams, and you can’t be effective if you’re not proactive.  

Running around putting out fires all day is not only a waste of time, but it makes you look the fool as well.  

At the heart? Consistent communication, transparency, a strong network, and good old daily planning. 

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