Introducing Hardscape Growth: A Podcast for Business Leaders in the Trenches with Alex Cadieux

Welcome to the first ever episode of Hardscape Growth. If you’re looking for a podcast dedicated to the people that make the hardscape industry great, this is the show for you.

Every episode we’ll be talking to some of the business leaders who are making waves in the hardscape industry. People who are thinking outside the box. Leveraging Instagram to be the sole source of leads for their business, or figuring out how to design projects so that you’re minimizing man hours and saving the customer money. It’s all about who is doing the cool things that are different from what everyone else is doing.

If you have an idea for a guest, or have a burning question that you’d love for our host, Alex, to answer, reach out to

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Logan Lyles  00:10

Welcome to the introductory episode of Hardscape Growth. We’re here today with Alex Cadieux. He’s the director of b2b marketing at Techo-Bloc and the new host of this show, Alex, how’s it going today?

Alex Cadieux  00:26

It’s going fantastic, super excited to be starting this new podcasting journey.

Logan Lyles  00:31

Awesome man. Well, to give listeners a little bit of context, my name is Logan Lyles with Sweet Fish Media. I’m on the production team of this podcast and today, we’re gonna be talking about what you the listener can expect from this show going forward. But before we jump straight into that, Alex, tell us a little bit about your background and yourself as the new host of this show.

Alex Cadieux  00:53

Cool. Well, basically, I’m someone who grew up in the hardscape industry. So I’m very excited about being able to shine a spotlight back on the people who are making a difference and really changing the game when it comes to the outdoor living world. When I was a kid, I was eight years old on the road with my dad, who was a sales rep for a manufacturer. So I was on job sites, seeing construction, talking about products, seeing the way that people were doing things, and helping people learn to do things better, ever since I was a kid. And as I grew up in the industry and got to know people better and better, I developed a real sense of respect and a passion for helping these small businesses grow in a field that really doesn’t have any limits. It’s something that doesn’t have a lot of barriers to entry. It’s something that just requires good hard work, and a certain discipline, and you mix that with a couple of the right strategies then all of a sudden, you’ve built an unbelievable business, playing outside building things outside. So it’s really fun. I think that you know, as a person, I’m the type of guy that loves a good challenge. I love rolling up my sleeves and diving into it and trying to find the solutions. And a big part of my life has been learning from the people that I meet. So again, great reason to start a podcast, because it’s gonna allow me to introduce myself and get introduced to a lot of different people too. But you can always learn something from anyone you meet. And you can always learn something from any challenge that you face. So when you put those two things together, I think that it’s a perfect recipe for helping people because you can always take what you learned from one relationship and apply it to another one. And that’s really what I’m hoping to be able to do with the show. So in my role now, as the director of business to business marketing at Techo-Bloc, it really is about building on all those years of experience, following my dad around and then being an installer myself, and then being a sales rep for Techo-Bloc. And now in this marketing position, just taking all that the industry has to offer, distilling it down into useful pieces of information, and then bringing that to the people that matter most in this industry, who are the contractors.

Logan Lyles  03:10

I love that man, when we pair passion with curiosity, which I just hear in your story there your background in the industry, I can’t wait to hear more of, you know, conversations that I’m sure are going to be sparked by things that you learned growing up in the industry and how those translate today with guests that you’re going to be talking about. You know, you mentioned Techo-Bloc and your role there and they’re really the driving force behind this podcast, but also a bigger community movement and resource hub that Techo-Bloc is building for the hardscape community. Can you tell us a little bit about what you guys are building there and how you’re looking to serve the hardscape industry with this?

Alex Cadieux  03:53

Yeah, so for us, it’s always been important to help the contractor. The business has been around for 30 years, we’ve built a reputation for yes, making great products and being very innovative, but also educating and supporting the contractor because they’re the lifeblood of the industry and they’re the ones that really make things happen. So we’ve been successful with hosting these in-person educational events for the past 15 years, to the point where we were seeing over 10,000 contractors attending every single year. And that was amazing. But it happens once a year. And we want to be able to support the professionals in the industry every single day. So there were a lot of us at Techo-Bloc who’ve been really passionate about that for a long time. But we only get to play with that part of the business for a small time throughout the year and we’re like you know what, we need to do something different. So we’ve decided to launch Hardscaper which is a whole new brand, a whole new entity that is supported by the website and it exists to give contractors the education and support that they need to grow their businesses, find success, and we’re doing it through online courses that you can take at your own pace and get certification and build your skills and your confidence. We’re going to be hosting online events. And we’re launching this new Hardscape Growth podcast.

Logan Lyles  05:20

I love what you’re saying there, you know, just giving that value to the community on an ongoing basis. You don’t have to travel to consume this, you don’t have to, you know, wait for one time, you can get ongoing training, resources, tools, to really accomplish what is called out in the name of this show Hardscape Growth. So tell us a little bit about the format, what people can expect from future episodes, topics, types of guests that they can hear if they are listening to this and saying, hey, should I hit subscribe? Should I get this in my feed on a regular basis?

Alex Cadieux  05:56

Yeah, you know, I think it’s very important to understand that, like, yeah, I have a lot of experience in the industry and I play a role in growing our customers and growing our own business. But more importantly, like I said earlier, like my dad taught me when I was a kid, you learn more from talking to people and gaining insights from their experiences. The show is really about the people in the industry and that’s who we’re going to be talking to. So we’re going to be talking to some of the business leaders who are making those changes, leveraging Instagram to be the sole source of leads for their business or figuring out how to design projects, so that you’re minimizing the cuts to a point where it’s shaving off four or five man hours per day. And that’s turning into an extra project completed in a year. Talking to people who are trying things like using hybrid bases, or using synthetic bases to shave off 20 hours on a project or shave off 20% of the production time to be able to not compromise on the quality, but still drive up the value to their consumer. It’s really about just who’s doing cool things that are really different from what everyone else is doing, figuring out how they’re making it work for them, and trying to translate into actionable change for the listener so that they can grow their business or their own career within the business. You don’t need to be a hardscape entrepreneur to necessarily benefit from this content. If you’re passionate about growing yourself about doing a good job about just growing in general, within an industry that is on fire right now. This is the show for you.

Logan Lyles  07:42

Well said I don’t know if I have anything to add there. I just love the way that you called out the opportunity for listeners to learn how to grow their business from the marketing side, you know, Instagram strategies, those sorts of things, but also doing the work. So there will be different episodes that will be applicable for folks who are maybe business owners or just starting out, or maybe they have dreams one day of starting their own business, but they’re just getting into this industry, as you said that is on fire. So it is a space for folks who are looking for growth in the hardscape industry to take that next step, whatever that next step is for them. So Alex, if someone’s listening to this, and they’re really excited, and they think, hey, I know someone who should be featured as a guest on the show, or I really have a burning question I would love for you as the host or one of the future guests to address as a topic that would be very timely, what’s the best way for them to reach out to you or get in touch with the team here behind the podcast at Hardscape Growth?

Alex Cadieux  08:48

So if they want to reach out for any of that kind of stuff, the best place is send an email there, and our team will pick it up. We’ll look at it, we’ll get in touch with you and we’ll see how we can help you out. If you have those questions, my job with this show, and our team’s job is to find the answers and get them to you as quickly as we can.

Logan Lyles  09:13

Well Alex, thank you so much for your time today. For everyone listening, that wraps it up for the introductory episode of Hardscape Growth. We really appreciate you listening today. Go ahead and hit subscribe if you are excited about what Alex has previewed here in future episodes. And Alex, thank you again for making time to kick things off. You’re going to be taking over the reins for episode one and beyond here and I am very excited to see your passion and curiosity and your whole team’s passion for serving folks in the hardscape industry to see this show grow. So thank you so much for your time today.

Alex Cadieux  09:50

Thank you. Let’s do it. This is gonna be great.

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