Maximizing Retention & Profit Through Slow, Organic Growth

With Tussey Landscaping’s steady, healthy growth, it’s easy to see why they’ve retained such loyal employees and have now exceeded $4 million annually. They describe their success using a metaphorical model of a tree: the roots are the company & organizational structure; the trunk is the direction of the company; the branches are the vision; and the water is the transparency/team environment/leadership.  

Steve Martin, Matt Martin, & Wes Zimmerman of Tussey Landscaping, join the show to discuss how steady organic growth has led to their success.  

What we talked about: 

  • How Tussey Landscaping got its start    
  • Matt, Steve, & Wes’ roles in the company 
  • Delegation of responsibility & creating new roles 
  • The metaphorical tree of success
  • Company event perspectives from owner & employee 
  • Budget strategies w/ growth
  • The value of social media in regards to retention  

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