How to Fearlessly Tackle Material & Labor Shortages

Courtney Schild is the president of Dutch Barn Landscaping and Pools in New Lenox, IL. He acquired the company in 2018 after founding his own landscape company a few years earlier. He joined us on the show to talk about how he’s addressed the two biggest issues plaguing the industry today: material and labor shortages.

For both, his solution has been simple. Be proactive.

We started the conversation with how he goes about stocking inventory to supply his projects. How that has helps his operations run smoothly and what implications inventory and inventory management have on his business. We looked at the steps he took to build a plan and how he executes it.

We ended the conversation talking about his approach to hiring, training and retaining people. He’s not afraid to get the best talent available, even if they don’t have industry experience, because he’s willing to invest time and resources into them. His belief: investing in them now will pay larger dividends later.

Referenced in this episode: Investing time in training your teams with tools like

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