How to Build the Best Team Ever

Finding the right candidates is always difficult. And if they’re family, it can be even harder.

But, it doesn’t mean it can’t work. The important thing for any manager or owner to consider as they try to step back, get the right people in the right spots, and begin to focus on the growth of the company is developing the right team.

That’s why, what Tony Zambito, Owner at Groupe Zamco has to say is more important than ever. For Tony, he’s worked with family members who have and haven’t always been the best fit. He’s also worked with brand new help that he didn’t think would be around more than a day, but years later are some of his most trusted. His advice? Never judge a book by its cover. On this episode of Hardscape Growth, growing your team thoughtfully and successfully.

Join us as we discuss:

  •  What to look for in a candidate
  •  How to navigate working with family
  •  Developing your team for the long haul

Check out the full episode for Tony’s perspective on how to build the best team possible for the future of your company.

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