How Techo-Bloc’s Contractor Support Manual Can Increase Your Profitability

The outdoor living world has seen an incredibly fortunate surge in demand that has been great for all hardscape professionals. In fact, the new American status symbol is a backyard that’s basic How Techo-Bloc’s Contractor Support Manual Can Increase Your Profitability ally a fancy living room!

This episode of Hardscape Growth is all about helping you take that next step from a design build perspective to bring as much value as possible to your clients using Techo-Bloc’s Contractor Support Manual

The Contractor Support Manual includes over 130 pages of plans, step-by-step instructions, and materials lists for a wide variety of fire pits, water features, kitchen islands, tables and benches. 

If you’re looking to build these features into your 3D designs using popular tools, like Sketchup, the Designer’s Toolbox has all the CAD files, hatch patterns, texture files, and even pre-built 3D models at your fingertips.

Resources Mentioned on the Show:

The Contractor Support Manual 
“The new American status symbol: A backyard that’s basically a fancy living room”

Learn more about how to access the Contractor Support Manual, what builds our outdoor living guides cover, and how the manual helps you build features as efficiently and profitably as possible by tuning in on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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