How Contractors are Leveraging Financing Programs to Grow their Business (Canada) w/ Joey Brandone

In a world where clients finance everything from their homes to their cars, even cell phones, payment options are no longer “nice to have;” they’re expected.

On this episode of Hardscape Growth, I talk with Joey Brandone, Sales Manager Eastern Canada at Financeit, about how successful contractors leverage financing programs to improve the efficiency and impact of their marketing and sales efforts.

We also talked about:

  • The biggest misconception about financing.
  • How financing is an asset to your business. The right time to talk financing with your client.
  • Why clients who have the means to pay upfront still choose financing.

Financeit is Techo-Bloc’s Canadian lending partner for the Pave Now, Pay Later financing program. Learn more about how your company can take advantage of this fantastic program by visiting

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