Hardscaper Showcase Preview – Part 1

This winter promises some long-awaited excitement for  #HardscapeGrowth and the entire industry. 

With over a dozen upcoming Showcases and Summit events, our advance team has their work cut out for them. 

After over 18 months of virtual only, we’re finally able to pull out all the stops for an in-person experience.  

Meet the pros behind our Showcase Case Study Project: 

💥 Tony Zambito, CEO, Zamco Group 

💥 Brandon Taunton, Techo-Bloc Sales Leader 

💥 Peter Wesholowski, Techo-Bloc Territory Manager 

💥 Tyler “Alaska” Walsh, Techo-Bloc Hardscape Pro 

One of the perks of live events we missed the most is the nearly endless opportunity to learn.  

Meeting the right person, ending up in the right session, can affect a sea change in your perspective and foster amazing growth.  

Don’t miss out — sign up for your closest event! 

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