Fit for the Job: Fitness & Nutrition in Hardscaping

Becky Fidler (@beckyfidlerfitness on Instagram) joins me on the show to talk about her journey in the hardscape industry and the role that fitness and nutrition play in the continuation of her career.

Early on, a lot of the company’s work was small and lacking in creativity. Gradually, Chad started taking design chances, which led to greater satisfaction in his work and improved profits for his company. By elevating his company’s project Becky joined the hardscape industry in 2011 after deciding that desk jobs and low pay were not for her. She was seeking a career that would be more personally fulfilling and improve her ability to provide for her family.

It’s no secret that the industry is a male-dominated one. It’s also one where, historically, brute strength and prior experience were absolute pre-requisites for the job. That’s what makes Becky’s story so special.

In the beginning, she had never laid a paver and barely weighed more than some of the materials that she needed to handle. To say she wasn’t welcomed with open arms is an understatement. 

Her first weeks on the job were physically and mentally demanding as she tried her best but would feel like she was letting the crew down because she wasn’t good enough. Her lowest point may have been when she couldn’t even get a wheelbarrow up the ramp into the dumper and would need to wait for someone to help out.

That’s when she doubled down. Committed to succeeding in the trade and being a valuable member of the team, she began to focus on physical fitness and nutrition.

While working, she earned an Associate’s Degree as a Physical Fitness Specialist and became a Certified Personal Trainer, all with the intentions of becoming a better laborer on site.

Today, Becky still finds herself on the job every day and helps with hiring and training of new team members.

We wrap up the interview with helpful tips for improved mobility and health through proper stretching and dietary supplements.

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