Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays: Fantastic business opportunity, but watch out for these mistakes! 

This week’s episode takes a look at concrete overlays in common residential applications.

Overlaying an existing concrete structure like a front step or balcony is a great way to add value to a home. With such a huge variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, this type of hardscape project is one of the easiest facelifts a client can invest in! 

While construction of this pavement system is relatively easy, there are some all too common pitfalls that we forget to watch out for. This episode will break down a couple of those common mistakes and review the correct installation method to ensure success and happy customers.   

In this episode:

  1. Forensic analysis of a real-life problem on a project     
  2. Easy cleaning of organic stains 
  3. The correct steps to follow for an overlay application 
  4. How this system represents a good revenue growth opportunity for any hardscape company, regardless of size or experience.

Helpful links: 

  1. Blu 45 overlay slabs
  2. Venetian overlay caps and risers
  3. Pacific overlay slabs
  4. Pacific overlay coping
  5. Polymeric sand made for overlays
  6. Concrete Overlay Video Playlist
  7. Concrete Overlay Construction Demonstration

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