Don’t Just Hire People, Keep Them

What do your customers say about you when you’re not around? What do your employees say?

Building and maintaining your company brand is more than chance. It’s about creating an honest, caring, and direct line of communication and expectations. Your customers should know what to expect like what they’re going to pay. And the people who work for you should know that you’ve got their back. In landscaping, an aging employee needs to know there is a career path forward as much as a young person on day one needs to feel treated like more than just a spare shovel. Anyway, that’s what Adrian Bartels, President of Cedar Springs Landscape Group, says. That all comes down to training. Training a customer’s expectations and training your team to keep the grandiose portrait in your vantage.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Training and keeping your people
  • Career benefits and perks
  • Building a farm system for leadership

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