Culture Comes First: Strategies to Take Leadership to the Next Level w/ Alex Cadieux

Strong leadership within a company can never be overstated. Not only does it help shape performance and results, a leader influences one of the most important aspects of a company: culture.

Without a thriving culture, the company won’t retain all-star employees and they won’t be able to take the company to the next level.   

Alex Cadieux, from Techo-Bloc, discusses leadership and culture while referencing two standout episodes with Jordan Daneker, from Evolve Design Build, and Matt Hiner, from Hiner Outdoors.

What was talked about: 

  • Reflection on Jordan Daneker’s Excerpt and Building the Right Team 
  • Reflection on Matt Hiner’s Excerpt and The 12 Core Values of Company Success 

Check out the resources below for more information:

  • Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action By Simon Sinek 
  • The Amazon Management System: The Ultimate Digital Business Engine That Creates Extraordinary Value for Both Customers and Shareholders By Ram Charan and Julia Yang 

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