Budgeting, Estimating & Job Costing: Overhead Recovery Made Simple W/ Wes Zimmerman

You need to stop setting pricing based on your competitors. Instead, you need to set costs based on overhead.

Because if you’re not job costing and constantly improving your budgeting and estimates…

It’s business suicide.   

That’s one thing our latest guest, Wes Zimmerman (@synkedup on Instagram) Co-Creator of the SynkedUP app and Marketing Director at Tussey Landscaping, has learned over the years and he wants to help put a stop to it — even going so far as to create an app to tackle the problem. He joins the show to share the secrets of budgeting, estimating and job costing the right way. 

What we talked about: 

  • The importance of proper budgeting, estimating and job costing  
  • How to establish a feedback loop of continuous improvement and accuracy in your bids
  • The new course and free budgeting and pricing template at Hardscaper.com 

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

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