How to Succeed w/the Power of Expert Positioning

Mike Arnold is the President of Creekside Outdoor Living, based in Crown Point, Indiana. They
focus on being outdoor living design and build experts and they strive to show this through
everything they do by emphasizing the details. For example, the clients’ homes in the 3D
renders have gutters, on the project every miter cut has to be perfectly symmetrical, the joint
sand needs to be just below the paver’s chamfer… They focus on the details because, to them,
the details matter.

This focus shows itself in their content marketing strategy, too. While lots of contractors have
found success showing backyard transformations, or showcasing the design process, Mike has
figured out a way to make his love of details be the message that helps define his company’s
brand online. The result? More leads of higher quality and prospects that value what Mike’s
team loves doing most. You don’t need fancy metrics or KPIs to see that impact.

In this episode, we cover that and a few other topics including:

  1. The concept of expert positioning
  2. Overcoming fear and guilt in order to charge appropriately
  3. Acknowledging that a prospect, a client, a vendor, an employee or a stranger all have one thing in common, they’re all people, and they all want to feel the same things early in a relationship

There’s a moment in the show where Mike talked about how he was beginning to dread his
sales process because it was all about hunting down his prospects and constantly following up
and how now, because of an effective content strategy, he has more leads of better quality and
doesn’t need to waste time following up with the wrong customers. He has shifted where he
invested his time to drive better results for his company, without investing more time.

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